Soilution formulates and blends speciality fertilizer products.
Plant nutrition customized to our customers’ needs.
Products are aimed at optimizing the soil-plant-interaction.
Formulations are based on soil and leaf analyses and crop requirements.
Formulations are done by an experienced team of Soil Scientists and Agronomists.
Scientifically proven ratios are used for the nutrient composition of products.
Products for rehabilitation are also formulated and blended.


Organo-Mineral Fertilizers

Chicken manure is used as the organic base for these products. Depending on the required product formulation, enrichment can be done with fertilizers, trace elements, lime, gypsum, etc. The products are a fine blend of the raw materials but are not pelleted. Products in 500kg or 50kg bags.

Water-Soluble Fertilizers

Only the highest quality raw materials are used. All blends are enriched with fulvic acid. Products that include the full range of macro and micro nutrients can be formulated and blended.
Products in 25kg bags

Soil Improvers and Root Stimulants

Products aimed at improving problematic soil conditions and countering adverse climatic conditions.


Resalt Agricultural Systems and Strategies for on-farm soil and crop consultations.

Bemlab for soil, water, leaf and product analyses.


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